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  • 1)Founder Correspondent's Cash Award :
    This is awarded to the topper in Std. XII Board Examination.
    2)Mrs. Kesar Chandar's Award :

About Bharath Senior Secondary School

Our School

Started in 1961 as a small nursery school in the thatched shed with a few children, it has since then grown in strength and continues to maintain discipline and high standard of education. In 1995 the State Board stream for +1 and +2 students was started with just 7 students and gradually the strength rose to 150.The first batch of students appeared for the Board Examinations in March 1997 and secured cent percent results.The school is run by the Bharath Educational society, a registered body.


This School is located in a central area at Adyar, opposite to the Telephone Exchange. The school is a two - storeyed building with amenities, well - ventilated classrooms, library, fully - equipped laboratories for Science, Computer Science, Mathematics and classes for Tailoring and Typewriting. It also has a self contained Auditorium.


It is the first CBSE school in Chennai affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.


Bharath Senior Secondary School believes that education is not just an activity centred on text-book but one that helps to form and shape the all-round personality of a child. The aim of the school is to impart sound education, inculcate discipline so as to make them worthy citizens of our country."Hardwork pays","Serve hard to reach the goal" and " Lead kindly light" are the watch words of the institution.

The school believes in encouraging the creative instincts of the students through various activities and competitions. It is hard work that helps both fast and slow learners to score well and pass out creditably.



A child’s attitude towards everything is an artist’s attitude.
“Bring All Light Into The World.
Let Light Come To Everyone.”

  • Bring light to the poor, and bring more light to the rich, for they require it more than the poor!
  • Bring light to the ignorant, and more light to the educated,for the vanities of the education of our time are tremendous!

Thus, bring light to all and leave the rest unto the Lord.

Inspiration by Academicians

1.Show the Students the path to success making dreams into reality through innovative ways and hardwork.
2.Show initiative and complete involvement and the willingness to complete the task beyond their comforts.



Brief Outline

Life is a magnificent torch.

Our Founder Correspondent, late Sri V.J.K.Dass, laid the foundation of this institution, to provide the highest education which is life building, man-making , character making, assimilation of ideas to bring light to every soul.
At the time when there were only a few selected schools imparting English Medium Education, our Founder started a small Primary School at Alwarpet and many celebrities studied in this school. Prominent personalities like Sri. C.V. Raman and others have visited this school.The school was then shifted adjacent to Stella Maris College and had a strength of 3000 children from LKG to 12th Std. This is the first CBSE School in Chennai. The school was later shifted to Adyar. Today, the school bears a testimony to what an individual can achieve and contribute to the society as his legacy.

Welcoming Students to Resplend as a Luminous Star

A Strong Leader is one who never loses sight of the main educational vision and goal.

An effective administrator must be visible to the society.

The best Principal can get teachers to do their personal best for children.

Giving equal opportunities to all types of students is a highly appreciable quality to be admired of our Principal. Students from other states in India and other countries are given admissions in this School in the middle of the academic year to help the students. So, children with different background such as international, traditional, non traditional, transfer students are all admitted here happily. No matter what their individual circumstances, they are all looking for a quality education. Grooming an average child to a higher level is a challenging and difficult task which is relished by every teacher of this school. Some of the students achievements in this school in various fields is highly commendable.

Students have different needs. All persons have inherent instincts that guide their lives. We should aim at the quality education of the child which is the ultimate goal.


The Staff Members Of Bharath Senior Secondary School,


Celebration of 69th Independence Day

The 69th Independence Day was celebrated with national spirit and flavour Sri S.R.G. Sundaram, M.A ., was the chief guest. The function started with the prayer, Welcome speech, March past, Flag hoisting and the flag song. The students presented a song, a dance, a speech in English and in Tamil. There was a display of aerobics, mass drill and the pyramids. A parade of the great Indian leaders as then and now presented by the students drew much of and applause.

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Celebration of 68th Independence Day

The 68th Independence day was celebrated with great spirit of freedom this year in our school premises.
Major E.S. Daniel, I.A.S. Former Secretary to Govt of Tamilnadu (Retd.) was the chief guest. Soon after the prayer song our principal rendered the welcome speech.This was followed by a grand march past of the different houses of the students. A cheerful band played by students led the march past. Flag hoisting, flag salute, national anthem and flag song followed. Then the song vandhe matram sung was melodius and scintillating. In the variety entertainment the UKG kids danced to 'Hum Hindustani.' Songs in Tamil were rendered by student of Std. I-V. They kindled the national spirit. Speeches in Tamil and English were lively. Later the Chief Guest gave his message.
The variety entertainment continued with karate, Pyramid and dance numbers and skits in English and Tamil. The function ended with the singing the National Anthem

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Recreational games - 2015

The recreational games were conducted at the school grounds. The games were Bunny hop, Potato gathering, Rooster fight, Loops and Cones, Sack race, Bursting the balloon, Slow cycling, Memory game, Eatomania, a word puzzle and Running race. Students from LKG to Std. XII, both boys and girls participated and won prizes.

Recreational games - 2014

Recreational games was conducted on 30th and 31st August 2013 in the school grounds.Students from LKG to Std. XII participated in various games.The highlights of the games were Bunny Hop, Potato gathering, Running race, Duck race, Rolling the ball, Sorting colours, Hop-Jump-Run, Picking marbles, Balancing the ball, Tieing theTurban, String the Straw, Brick walls, Mirrorless Makeup, Eat-o-mania were the recreational games. Students were very excited to partcipate in them.
Prizes and certificates were given. Games were conducted for parents both gents and ladies.

Annual Sports Meet -2015

The Annual Sports Meet was conducted on 1st August 2015 at M N M Jain Engineering college grounds, Thoraipakkam, Sri. T.K. Gurunathan, Joint Secretary, IBBF, Mumbai and the General Secretary SIBBA, Chennai, was the Chief Guest.
The sports events included Relay and Track events, Shot put, Discus throw, Javelin throw, Triple jump, Long jump, High jump etc., Some events were also conducted for the staff and parents. The winners were awarded with prizes and certificates.

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Annual Sports Meet -2014

Sports day was held at MGR Janaki College of Arts and Science, Adyar on 30th Aug. 2014. Mr. D. Kannan, B.E., Dy. Commissioner of Police, Adyar was the chief guest.The function started with prayer,flag hoisting, lighting the torch and mass drill by various houses. Entertainment included a dance and pyramids. The track events were 100mts, 200mts,400 mts,800mts and 1500mts running race both for boys and girls. The other sports event were high jump,long jump, discus throw and javeline throw. The events ended with relay races for all categories. Medals, mementos and certificates were given out. Games were conducted for parents both gents and ladies and for teachers.
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Onam Celebration 2015

Onam was celebrated with much enthusiasm. Students gave a speech in English. Group songs were sung and group dances entertained all. The teachers presented a group song. A Poo-kolam competition by the different houses was the main attraction of the celebration. Winners were awarded with trophies.

Onam Celebration 2014

Onam was celebrated with much enthusiasm at Bharath Senior Secondary School. Students of Stds IX, X and XII did regular pookolam with the decoration lamp in the middle.This was done house wise. Prizes were distributed for the winners.

Teachers Day 2015

The teacher’s day was held in the school premises. A skit in English portraying Dr. S. Radhakrishnan’s life was presented by Stds. IX & X students. The CBSE awards were given to the Senior Secondary teachers.

Teachers Day 2014

Teacher's Day is celebrated every year. Class-wise students prepared hand made Teachers Day card. This was a competition. In the entertainment programme prayer song, speech in English, Tamil and Hindi were presented. Skit were performed in English and Tamil. Students rendered songs.

Founder's Day 2015

The founder’s day was celebrated on 20th November 2015 at the school premises. The St. Louis School for the Blind music team presented an orchestra in our school. There was a musical tribute and an oral tribute and a floral tribute too. Snack stalls catered to the students and teachers. The primary presented games. The middle school made traditional food items. Stds. IX & X did medical checkup, while Stds. XI and XII showcased technology.

Founder's Day 2014

Founder's Day 2014 was celebrated with a special prayer. Musical tribute was rendered to our founder. A skit on our Founder, 'Sathanai Manidan' was enacted by the students of Std.VI. This was followed by floral tribute by students.
Entertainment included Honouring grand parents by the tiny-tots of LKG and UKG with song, dance and skit. Std.I presented colours and Std.II performed about community Helpers. Std.III enacted the Days of the week while Std.V gave an amazing number about the countries of the world. The National Anthem of different countries were played. Std.Vi presented Chennai 375 while Std.VII showcased the historical personalities. Std.VIII paraded a show on Vegetables and fruits while Std. IX spoke how to avoid junk food Std.X made an amazing program on religious integration. Finally Stds. XI & XII performed scintillating dance members of Bharatha Natyam, Kolattam, Kummi, Karakam and Silambu.
Books were on sale, Mehendi designing was done. Bakery items, vegetable roll, poli, samosa, chips, fruit salads, payasam and variety rice items were sold in the stalls. The function ended with the National Anthem.

School Band

One of the club activities include band. Mr. Gabriel, the teacher trains students to play the band. The school band is effectively played on Sports day and Annual Day to receive Chief Guests. Students clad in their elegant uniform make a picturesque presentation.

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Excursions are arranged for all classes from LKG to Std XII every year. Std. II & III visited Dakshina Chitra. UKG & Std.I went to Children's Park. Students of Std. VI-X saw Egmore Museum and Light House.

Children's Day

Nov. 14th Jawarlal's birthday is celebrated as Children's Day every year. Charts done by students adorn the notice boards. Students render the speech. This academic year 2013-14 a dance by the primary school was stazed. An English play was enacted by the students of Stds. XI and XII. Teachers rendered a group song, rendered jokes and a villupatu which highlighted discipline and good manners.

Open Day

Open Day is held soon after Formative Assessment 1,2,3,4 and Summative Assessment 1 from Std. I to Std. X. Parents meet the concerned subject teachers to discuss their wards performance. Parents of LKG, UKG, XI and XII students also receive Report cards from the concerned class teacher on the Open Day. Academic performance is discussed then by parents with relevant teachers.

Classes IV - X learn practices of Yoga which include Asanas, Pranayam, Relaxation techniques, concentration practices. The visited the Bihar school of yoga at Munger and Rikhiapeeth as part of their participation in Children Yoga Festival 2013.

Annual Day - 2015

The 55th Annual Day was celebrated on 6th Feb 2016 at the school premises. Dr. G. Visvanathan, Ph.D., former Vice Chanceller, Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, Dean, Faculty of Education, Annamalai University was the Chief guest. The programme included songs, dance, a dance drama in English and a play in Tamil. Awards were given for General proficiency, Sports championships, Subject toppers. Teachers were felicitated too. The porgramme ended with a fusion dance and the national anthem.

Annual Day - 2014

Annual day of the School is a regular feature. The 53rd Annual day was celebrated in the school premises. Prof. R. Thandavan, Vice chancellor of Madras University was the chief guest who presided over the function. The Souvenir 'Bharath' was also released. The Souvenir extensively covers all the activities of the school. Articles in English, Tamil and Hindi are contributed by the staff and students.
The Annual Day celebration started with a prayer song followed by an invocation to the Lord. This was a classical dance number.
The official meet included the rendering of the Welcome Address by the Principal, reading of the Annual Report, distribution of awards for General Proficiency, Endowment Awards for Subject Toppers, Sports Championship, honouring scouts, guides, cubs and bulbuls, teachers and facilitators.
The Variety Entertainment presented had songs, dances and plays, dance, drama from LKG to Std. XII.